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Empowering Peruvian Women Business Enterprises
in Alpaca to enter the US market (2011-2013)
The aim of this project is to strengthen the competitiveness of Peruvian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) of Alpaca garments and link them to the US market in a sustainable way. This project builds on the pilot initiative funded by the Spanish Fund aimed at Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Arequipa. The project at hand integrates two new elements: i) the capacity building of Peruvian technical institutions to ensure the sustainability of the approach beyond the lifecycle of the project; ii) a larger geographical coverage to reach a higher critical mass of WBEs in three regions (Arequipa, Huancayo and Puno).

Expected outputs of the project:
1. Support institutions and WBEs know the requirements of the American market in terms of alpaca garments.
2. The trained WBEs have developed an exportable offer with competitive prices for the American market.
3. The trained WBEs work together to benefit from economies of scale in their buying operations, joint product marketing, or in other activities.
4. The trained WBEs take advantage of new market opportunities and are able to meet the orders of the buyers.

Target date for the completion of the project: 31 December 2012.