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Strengthening the export competitiveness of women entrepreneurs
in the textile and clothing sector in Arequipa (2009-2012)
As agreed with the Government of Spain, this project is focussed to contribute to the poverty reduction strategy and work on strengthening the production activities of women in Arequipa, Peru, supporting the achievement of the MDGs. The project focuses on women entrepreneurs in the textile and clothing sector in Arequipa. It seeks to improve competitiveness by focusing on four key areas: Design and development of products; Increase access to new or existing markets; Elaboration and implementation of a business development plan and marketing strategies for the participating firms; Strengthening and supporting training institutions in the textile sector and trade promotion in the country. During first half of 2011, 15 women from the Alpaca sector were trained on business plans development, marketing, costing and negotiations with the support from PromPerú and the participation of local institutions.